Franchise consulting and development services are provided by Cencir, Inc., franchise consultants under the FCF(sm) brand. Cencir is a management consulting firm specializing in highly distributed enterprises.

FCF franchise consulting and program development and implementation services are provided by nationally and internationally recognized franchise consultants. Moreover, if franchising is just one part of your distribution mix, we help you harmonize all of your channels of distribution. We can also help you determine if franchising is appropriate for your situation, propose and help you implement alternative expansion strategies, and assist you with raising capital for your expansion.

For some visitors to this Web site, it may be useful to consider what franchising is. First and foremost, you need to understand that franchising is not just fast food, but is used to distribute all kinds of products and services. It always involves the use of someone else's trade mark; in addition, the owner of the trade mark must share some common business practices with the trade mark users. Several legal definitions of what constitutes a franchise exist, as well. A variety of franchise strategies and structures are available to you -- alone or in combination with other channels of distribution. Selecting the most appropriate ones should not take place in a vacuum. Franchising is part of your distribution mix, which, in turn, is part of your overall business strategy, all of which must support your goals and objectives. It is, therefore, often useful to consider all corporate strategies and channels of distribution alternatives together.

Go for the experience. FCF senior consultants have, during the past 20 years, managed franchise companies and helped develop or restructure over 300 franchise programs, nationally and internationally, for such companies as Texaco, Fruehauf Trailer, Amoco, Commerce Clearing House, Shell, Ryder Truck Rental, Hallmark, Sonae Group (Portugal), St.-Hubert BBQ (Canada), Pollo Campero (Guatemala), Max's (The Phillipines), The International Investor (Kuwait), Sushi Parties (Japan), Nestle (Switzerland), LOG (Norway), and many others, from start-ups to global conglomerates, in practically every industry.

Seek help before it is too late. Franchising is an exceptionally flexible distribution method that should be properly and professionally tailored to your individual circumstances. That applies, in particular, to more complex franchise programs, such as conversions, area development, sub-franchising, master franchising, or the use of area representatives. It is especially important to seek professional help before embarking on a major franchise expansion, as even small differences in strategy, structure, documentation, implementation, or practice could easily multiply into millions in lost chain value. Moreover, several jurisdictions impose penalties, and even jail time, for not franchising correctly, and it does not matter what you call your method of distribution as long as a court finds that you meet the definition of a franchise. (Many traditional industries do not know that they are actually using franchised distribution networks, and that they could, at any time, be held liable for not complying with franchise laws.)

Franchisee Services. We always welcome opportunities to assist franchisees and prospective franchisees, as all of our recommendations are based on creating win-win solutions. In fact, the founder of FCF created the original version of "The A's to Z's of Buying a Franchise," which has since become a best-seller seminar at the International Franchise Expo (IFE) and also available in book format from the International Franchise Association (IFA).

You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or by phone to request a free, no obligation consultation with one of our senior consultants. Just click on Contact Us for addresses and phone numbers. You may also want to attend one of our Seminars and ask questions of our staff during the seminar. Seminar outlines and notes are available upon request.