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How To Franchise Your Business

by ceo
I have included, below, a presentation about how to franchise your business, which I find quite satisfactory as a primer on the subject. There is a lot missing, of course, and I take exception to some of the opinions expressed; but it is a great overview. I have also included, below the video, an approximate transcript, especially for those of us who prefer to read quickly rather than sit through a long video. I have taken the liberty to edit the transcript here and there both to shorten the presentation and to make it more aligned with our own experience […]

Franchise My Business

by ceo
How To Franchise Your Business Search the Web for “Franchise My Business” or for “Franchise Your Business,” or some variation of that theme, and you’ll find hundreds of franchise consultants and lawyers trying to convince you they are the best in the world. When we first started to help companies franchise their business, back in the 1980s, there was only a handful of similar websites, and we pretty much knew who knew and who didn’t know what they were talking about. Suffice it to say, we still have the copy-cats and cookie-cutters around: just more of them. Why not just […]